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What's New - Free Magnetic Generator Devices

Over the weeks and months ahead, this is where you will find updates on new ideas, even those that might not of worked out, and most importantly, test results and progress reports as they becomes available.

Additionally, new pictures, videos, site features or illustrations will be announced here, with the newest post always at the top.



We have now hit over five million visitors a month, we are working towards opening up our blogging section as soon as possible. There you will find our own videos where you can discuss what you are seeing with other visitors of like interest.




Currently we are working on what otherwise would seem impossible, a square motor.  Yes square.  A square design allows for windings to access the sides of the magnets rather then just the front of the spinning magnet. A video will be posted as soon as possible.





www.FreeMagneticEnergy.infois now available in 50 languages by clicking on the country flag of your choice at the top of this website..




Special Collection of Videos From Various Amateur Inventors.Special Collection of Videos From Various Amateur Inventors.




Special Invitation to Armature Scientist and Inventors Alike.Special Invitation to Armature Scientist and Inventors Alike.




A new twist on an old idea is being tested. No one here is claiming original concepts and ideas in using magnets to create Free Energy, as that concept has been around at least since the mid eight teen hundreds. Rather taking what is already in the public domain and using that knowledge to make something that really does work, even in the line of fire of those who say this cannot be done. More so, to improve upon that knowledge in such away so that it takes generating electricity (without the need for external fuel) to a whole new level.A new twist on an old idea is being tested. No one here is claiming original concepts and ideas in using magnets to create Free Energy, as that concept has been around at least since the mid eight teen hundreds. Rather taking what is already in the public domain and using that knowledge to make something that really does work, even in the line of fire of those who say this cannot be done. More so, to improve upon that knowledge in such away so that it takes generating electricity (without the need for external fuel) to a whole new level.

This  is where you use a battery to power an electric motor, and you extend the shaft on the motor where by the extended part of the shaft becomes the axel to your electric generator. The electricity generated from your generator is used to continuously recharge your battery. The goal in the end is to make your generator efficient enough to the point that it generates more energy than what your electric motor consumes. This is best known as an overunity generator. This concept is by no means anything new, rather no one has gotten anything out there into the market place where your everyday consumer can buy one, plug your TV into it, and forget about it for years, if not decades to come. Even better, miniaturize it inside of an LCD flashlight that could also recharge your cell phone on the go.

At the very least, something like this could be made small enough to where a person could own lots of these (as they can run dead quiet using magnetic bearings) and place the mini generators around the home or office to run different things. This way you can plug right into one, and not have to buy one that is monstrous in size costing thousands of dollars, that requires you to rewire your home or office. But ideally rewiring your primary power source in the end is the best way to go. But were not there, yet!


Today's high-tech electric motors can do a lot of work for very little energy. The question is this.

(1) Can we design a super simple electric generator that has an unusually high output at lower speeds?

(2) Can we make an electric generator that puts out twice as much energy than other generators do pound per pound?

Let's look at question 2, for if we can't greatly increase the efficiency of the energy output, than the issues in regard to question number 1 don't matter anyway. For higher speeds equates to higher energy consumption which is generally counter productive. However if the higher speeds resulted in widening the gap between energy used verses energy gain, then higher speeds would be the obvious choice.

So now lets look at question 1. Electric generators are typically powered by, wind, water, gasoline, diesel, and super heated steam generated from coal or nuclear as well as from solar power. In all of these cases each source used an outside source of energy to make electricity.  Were not talking about solar panels here, rather we are talking about generating electricity through mechanical energy. With the exception of solar panels, all the other options named here depend on mechanical energy which spin large magnets at a high rate of speed. These magnets have large amounts of copper wire wound around in circles that surround industrial size magnets, called turns of wire. In some cases the wire spins in circles instead of the magnet. These generators use tens of thousands of turns of wire to produce electricity. Even the gas powered home generator we find in local stores use thousands of turns of wire, which makes them extremely heavy to lift.


   In this diagram, the copper windings spin instead of the magnets.



As I said before, all of these electric generators use some kind of external fuel source, thus the engineering behind the copper windings doing there job is dependant upon them working at those higher speeds to perform properly.

But what if we designed a copper winding technique that not only utilized 100% the spinning magnetic field, where as commercial grade generators generally do not, if at all, but we also did so in such a way as to squeeze more out of the magnet than what other traditional copper winding techniques. This would allow for greater output all while at lower speeds.

If questions 1 and 2 are doable, than the reality of designing and building an electric generator that puts out more far more energy then it what it consumes, clearly leads the way to Free Magnetic Energy.

James Roney has devised a new stator design where traditional generators utilize but one side of the magnet, Mr. Roney's innovative design would take complete advantage of both sides of the magnet. That alone nearly doubles the output of traditional electric generators, thus making it possible to run at lower speeds and get nearly twice as much electrical energy back!

What funds that are raised from the sale of Mr. Roney's eBook will be pumped back into research and development for a Free Magnetic Energy Generator. That technology and knowhow is already here, rather man is but at the infancy stages of what one day will be common place. Understand there are the world elite who will do whatever deems necessary to stand in the way of such progress, but doing so, would have been like trying to keep the automobile from ever coming of age.

Thus keeping this kind of knowledge in the public domain, (rather than keeping it secret in the name of personal gain) is only the right action to take. Thus this website has been set up to achieve just that.

The knowledge will be published here in an open forum for all to see and judge, as well as contribute in one giant global think tank! For those of you who would like all this information wrapped up in a concise manner, then that's what the eBook if for.

The eBook raises awareness, raises world energy output while raising desperately needed funds to hurriedly speed up this long overdue chapter in the production of, Electromagnetic Generators!







    We understand your interest in Free Energy, because the first day this site opened we immediately started to receive over 100 visitors per hour.  Now ten weeks later we are starting to see 5,000 visitors per hour. Now four years later this site averages 1.8 to 2.1 million daily visitors. Obviously this is a hot topic for millions of people looking to find alternative ways to meet their energy needs.

    To be notified when the eBook comes online, simply Tell Us or sign up for our News Letter.

We hope to make toy size electromagnetic generators available which is ideal to show off to your friends and family to shut up the disbeliever.

    Possible coming project is to first miniaturize the magnetic generator into an LCD flashlight.  Imagine an ultra bright flashlight that you could even plug your cell phone into or charge your iPod.

    But don't hold your breath as it's does not exist... yet!



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 Please Note:  We have nothing to do with the alleged Magnetic Generator Scam that has swept YouTube, that continues to sweep the web unchallenged.  We would like to name names, but we rather point you in the right direction. Read Free Energy Scammers Unmasked and SCAM: Bogus Claim On Plagiarized Work: and you can learn about the alleged free energy scam first hand.

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