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James Roney Stators

Coming soon you will have access to blueprints and in-depth explanation about Roney's Magnetic Stators.

Roney stators open up a new door of possibilities in magnetic stator designs. Their magnetic shielding offset design gives the stators their one-way magnetic shielding effect. The design is two fold.

(1) It creates an imbalance in the system which offsets the equilibrium of the dreaded attraction and counter attraction that pelages magnetic generators and science projects alike. However pulse generators do not have the problem as they are not solely based upon magnets to run.

(2) Roney's unique stator design also incorporates a contoured magnetic runway plate design. When Mr. Roney shared his breakthrough design on, two things happened. Within less than a month Mr. Roney's Magnetic Runway Plate videos gained worldwide attention which showed how it might very well be possible to build a magnetic generator that would run without the aid of gasoline or any other outside fuel source.

However by week six, Google (which owns YouTube) deemed all of Mr. Roney's contoured magnetic runway plate videos inappropriate for the YouTube community. What is so inappropriate about a grown man showing the cause and effect between curved steel and magnets? Nothing of course.

Despite the protest from the YouTube community and the author, YouTube not only banned all of Mr. Roney's contoured magnetic runway plate videos, but warned Mr. Roney that if he posted any more of his runway plate videos on YouTube, then his YouTube account would either be suspended for 6 months, or outright closed down.

It's surmised  that since Google, (which owns YouTube) announced they are investing one-billion-dollars in Green Energy Technology, that in Google's best interest, ordered YouTube to ban all of Mr. Roney's contoured magnetic runway plate videos. It only goes to reason that Google did not want someone like Mr. Roney pulling the rug out from under Google's feet.

However with the birth of this website, not only does it resolve any censorship issues, but only one week after the conception of this website, we receive nothing less than than 100 people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, often reaching over 350 people an hour. The sudden heavy burst of traffic to this website goes to show you that people truly are looking for new ways to meet their energy needs, and are sick in tired of paying out the nose for electricity, gasoline and natural gas.

Since that time, Mr. Roney's research continues and with some new information that he hope to release soon in the form of an eBook. What funds that are generated from his eBook (Free Magnetic Energy - A How To Guide for Inquiring Minds) ...will be used to fund research for Free Energy Magnetic Generator Research.

And unlike some scammers we know in this field, Mr. Roney does not hide in the shadows and does his best to answer all emails. Because of the sheer volume of email received, it may be weeks before Mr. Roney gets to your email, but he does answer his mail. Believe it or not.




   We understand your interest in Free Energy, because the first day this site opened we immediately started to receive over 100 visitors per hour.  Now ten weeks later we are starting to see 5,000 visitors per hour. Now four years later this site averages 1.8 to 2.1 million daily visitors. Obviously this is a hot topic for millions of people looking to find alternative ways to meet their energy needs.

    To be notified when the eBook comes online, simply Tell Us or sign up for our News Letter.

We hope to make toy size electromagnetic generators available which is ideal to show off to your friends and family to shut up the disbeliever.

    Possible coming project is to first miniaturize the magnetic generator into an LCD flashlight.  Imagine an ultra bright flashlight that you could even plug your cell phone into or charge your iPod.

    But don't hold your breath as it's does not exist... yet!



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 Please Note:  We have nothing to do with the alleged Magnetic Generator Scam that has swept YouTube, that continues to sweep the web unchallenged.  We would like to name names, but we rather point you in the right direction. Read Free Energy Scammers Unmasked and SCAM: Bogus Claim On Plagiarized Work: and you can learn about the alleged free energy scam first hand.

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