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 Strict Guidelines For
Video Documentation of a Science Project

    The following guidelines are to be adhered to at all times, no exceptions, during the process of documenting a magnetic generator experiment with a video camera. If you believe any other strict guideline needs to be added, please send your suggestion to us for consideration. Thank in advance.


(1) 360 degrees of quality bright light surrounds the device being filmed. This includes directly under the device, as well as directly overtop.

(2) When a table is required: The device in question must be placed on clear glass table in such a manner that the legs and or frame that supports the glass does not obscure the view from underneath while looking up. Glare off the glass must be kept under control.

(3) The glass table must be at least 7 to 10 feet away from the nearest wall, doors, and all other objects in the room, and at least thirty inches off a bare floor, and no closer than 3 feet to any ceiling above, where there is no hanging light within five-feet.

(4) The glass table must be placed on a cement/concrete or tile or hardwood floor, or placed outside on level ground at least 25 feet away from the nearest structure of any kind. This includes any and all other objects such as trees, cars, boats, well caps, power lines, etc. Parking lots are ideal because the ground is bare.

(5) There must be no wires coming or going to and from the device in question other than any wiring that is a direct part of it's internal circuit. The unit must be able to fully power itself without the aid external power outside of it's own circuit.

(6) The demonstration must run at least 8 to 10 minutes in length and the video must be one continuous shot, uncut video.

(7) The video camera cannot be placed on a tripod, or table, or made stationary in any manner, which otherwise makes post production tricks hard to pull off.

(8) The camera at all times must continuously move up, down and all around, including directly above looking down, and below looking up through the glass table.

(9) At all times the camera is to continuously move in circles around the glass table virtually non stop, until at least 10 minutes of uncut footage has been acquired.

(10) At all times there is to be clear and unobstructed view of the device.



Video Challenge to Our Viewers: On a bright sunny day, make a video of your free energy device that you claim really works, and do so on an open parking lot where there is a continuous supply of new spectators. Encourage your spectators to walk up to the device and ask them to inspect it for hidden wires, hidden fishing line, etc., and you must ask your spectators to confirm that there is no hidden power supply. While you are still filming nonstop and continuously circling around the table and or hand held device; ask them while they are still looking at it, "How do they think it's possible for the device to run if there is no external power supply?".  Their natural and unrehearsed reaction should be very telling when it comes to seeing a device that makes no sense to them, as to how the device could ever possibly run.

Not only are we asking you to accept this challenge when you make your next video of your device; we will also raise to the same challenge. The reason we make this challenge is simple. People are not as dumb as we might make them out to be when it comes to science. For there is no better way then to keep your video production on the up and up, other then to have lots of prying eyes walking up to your project, (even holding it in their hands) and looking it over from top to bottom to see how in the heck it works!

No doubt there are those out there who have the skills of a magician to trick the best of eyes, while at the same time, there are those out there that will never believe any video they ever see.

Thus the only real way is either to build one yourself and watch it work, or buy one that is already built for you. But don't hold your breath, as we are a good ways away from making a working toy version that you can purchase from us to have fun with. More so, even further away from a large model that could power a small home.


For latest updates, including failures and fumbles, be sure to check out our, What's New section every so often.




   We understand your interest in Free Energy, because the first day this site opened we immediately started to receive over 100 visitors per hour.  Now ten weeks later we are starting to see 5,000 visitors per hour. Now four years later this site averages 1.8 to 2.1 million daily visitors. Obviously this is a hot topic for millions of people looking to find alternative ways to meet their energy needs.

    To be notified when the eBook comes online, simply Tell Us or sign up for our News Letter.

We hope to make toy size electromagnetic generators available which is ideal to show off to your friends and family to shut up the disbeliever.

    Possible coming project is to first miniaturize the magnetic generator into an LCD flashlight.  Imagine an ultra bright flashlight that you could even plug your cell phone into or charge your iPod.

    But don't hold your breath as it's does not exist... yet!



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 Please Note:  We have nothing to do with the alleged Magnetic Generator Scam that has swept YouTube, that continues to sweep the web unchallenged.  We would like to name names, but we rather point you in the right direction. Read Free Energy Scammers Unmasked and SCAM: Bogus Claim On Plagiarized Work: and you can learn about the alleged free energy scam first hand.

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