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 YouTube Loses Control of Videos to Cyber Bullies

by, James Roney Stators



    Cyber gangs, not YouTube, now run YouTube. Whether you like it or not, YouTube's flawed Automated Abuse Reporting System has handed over near complete control to cyber gangs as to who and what videos can be seen on YouTube.

    What YouTube thought was a great idea years ago as to allow the public to police hundreds of millions of videos has now completely backfired on the YouTube community itself.

    The reason for the automated abuse reporting system is simple: YouTube (which is owned by Google) does not have the manpower to police what YouTube claims to be well over a Billion videos now on file, with millions more being uploaded each month.

    Simply said, YouTube is way over their head, so at the time, allowing the general public to police YouTube seemed at the time like a great idea. Sadly, that very same power given to the public to police videos and comments on YouTube has now fallen into the hands of organized cyber gangs. These cyber bullies have found a flaw in the algorithms that automate YouTube's automated abuse reporting system designed to automatically remove videos that show nudity, pornography, violence, scams, spam, dangerous acts, teen violence and so forth.

    What YouTube's algorithms fail to do is detect a few bad apples abusing the automated abuse reporting system.

    The flaws in the system are easy to spot, and can just as easily be fixed once you understand how cyber gangs abuse YouTube's automated abuse reporting system. A detailed report of how to fix YouTube's algorithm is posted here.

    What makes this problem even worse is that YouTube does not offer their online community a way to dispute false flagging. Worse yet, these cyber bullies work together as a team, ganging up on YouTubers by falsely flagging all of their videos as scams, or spam.

    Yes there are scams on YouTube that need Flagging, while at the same time there are lots of great Do It Yourself Free Energy Videos that actually work, but are falsely flagged by anti-free energy bullies who think every Free Energy Video they see is a scam. Possibly these cyber bullies actually work for the Sadie Arabian government or OPEC? The real truth will never be known.

    This is where YouTube's automated abuse reporting system kicks into high gear and automatically suspends the YouTuber's account. Some of these YouTube accounts people have had for years. All you have to do is upset one of these cyber bullies and then they gang up on your YouTube account by making countless false reports about your videos.

    Since no one from YouTube checks to see if the claims against the video are valid, YouTube's automated abuse system automatically removes the video. Then the cyber bullies falsely flag another video or two of yours and your account is suspended for good!

    Simply said, cyber bullies, not YouTube are in control of YouTube policies as to what is and is not acceptable on YouTube. The reason I say this is that YouTube's algorithms originally used to make YouTube a great experience has given cyber powers beyond belief as to who can be on YouTube.

    These cyber bullies usually post odd or rude remarks on YouTube as to engage you in conversation. From that moment on, it's all down hill, as their rude comments were only bait to reel in their next unsuspecting victim. Children are no longer safe on YouTube as these cyber bullies are heartless and can easily bully kinds into committing suicide.

    Before you laugh, it already happened to a 13 year old girl. The FBI got involved and thankfully the case was solved.

    It goes without saying that YouTube has been over run by cyber gang activities that dictate who can and who cannot post videos on YouTube. If there was anything good to report in all this, cyber gangs cannot abuse YouTube's algorithm against major recording artist or news agencies as Google turns the flagging feature off. However there are countless celebrates like talk show host, radio personalities and even well known athletes who were falsely flagged by cyber bullies.


 Contacting YouTube Regarding False Flagging and Suspensions 







Be sure to block the following accounts and mark their comments as SPAM.

Visit These Accounts At Your Own Risk.


Date Opened

Active Account (Cyber Bully)


Still Active - Yes! (Gang Leader) 01.30.2009 Still Active - Yes! (Gang Leader) 10.14.2009 Still Active - Yes! (Cyber Bully) 02.24.2007 Still Active - Yes!

The following accounts below are suspicious based upon recent comments and or activities.
Note: Innocent people and kids may get recruited and mislead, but that's still no excuse.

If you are an honest person, then you don't need a special account to flag spam/scams. 01.24.2007-2014 Still Active - Yes!


   Jeanna Bryner of MSNBC study finds that morally upstanding people are the do-gooders of society, right? Actually, a new study finds that a sense of moral superiority can lead to unethical acts. In fact, some of the best do-gooders can become your worst nightmare.

   These so called do-gooders gone bad, become what is best described as cyber bullies who set up dummy accounts to look as though they are fighting for a good cause like SPAM and SCAMS. Yes, they may even flag real SPAM/SCAMS, but when you read their post you quickly learn that they are also falsely flagging other videos unrelated to scams or spam.


They falsely flag anyone who rubs them the wrong way.

They falsely flag videos of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla and supporters.

They falsely flag videos of the famous inventor Joseph Newman and supporters.

They falsely flag videos that explore alternative free energy.

They falsely flag people who are free thinking inventors for aternitive energy.

They falsely flag people on a friend's list found on free energy homepages.

They falsely flag people on a subscriber's list found on free energy homepages.

They falsely flag people for positive posts for alternative free energy.

They falsely flag people for disagreeing with them.

They falsely flag people who get in their way.

They falsely flag people for all kinds of reasons; these are only a few of them.

   Cyber gangs set up dummy accounts used to recruit and direct their members to falsely flag people like you. Gang recruiters often open up new accounts as not to endanger their own account. Since no one ever checks to see if the automated abuse reporting system is not being abused, the cyber gang knows all they have to do to get rid of you is to make lots of false reports against you.



Believe it or not!



   To track down known cyber bullies, simply use the following command, followed by a space, and then the user name. larryllix

Click link above to see Google search return which will open a new window. TheSpamRemover

Click link above to see Google search return which will open a new window.


To fight back, SIMPLY do what they are doing to us. Flag their comments as SPAM. Since bullies never put up videos, flagging their comments as 'SPAM' is the best way to shut down their operation.

Remember, there are but a few of them and lots of us.


We are sure there are more dummy accounts as we are just now starting to track down these cyber gangs, this way we can report them so they can be tracked by their individual IP number and then their local law enforcement can arrested and prosecuted them. We are beginning to work with law enforcement and hope to have these guys tracked down soon.


Please email us if you know of other attack accounts

and we will look into it.


     FIGHT BACK!  by flagging their comments as SPAM and soon enough their accounts will become closed, hopefully before your account is closed. Yes they will open new accounts and start over; but this will buy us time until CNN takes action on this story as CNN and the BBC has been notified. PLEASE DO THE SAME.




Tell them how cyber bullies are abusing YouTube's automated abuse system.






   We understand your interest in Free Energy, because the first day this site opened we immediately started to receive over 100 visitors per hour.  Now ten weeks later we are starting to see 5,000 visitors per hour. Now four years later this site averages 1.8 to 2.1 million daily visitors. Obviously this is a hot topic for millions of people looking to find alternative ways to meet their energy needs.

    To be notified when the eBook comes online, simply Tell Us or sign up for our News Letter.

We hope to make toy size electromagnetic generators available which is ideal to show off to your friends and family to shut up the disbeliever.

    Possible coming project is to first miniaturize the magnetic generator into an LCD flashlight.  Imagine an ultra bright flashlight that you could even plug your cell phone into or charge your iPod.

    But don't hold your breath as it's does not exist... yet!


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 Please Note:  We have nothing to do with the alleged Magnetic Generator Scam that has swept YouTube, that continues to sweep the web unchallenged.  We would like to name names, but we rather point you in the right direction. Read Free Energy Scammers Unmasked and SCAM: Bogus Claim On Plagiarized Work: and you can learn about the alleged free energy scam first hand.

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