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Subject:  Magnets & Loss of Poles!

Hi James,

I've heard that magnets lose their polarities when they are exposed constantly to other magnets.  Is this true?


United States


Will Magnets Interacting With Magnets Cause Pole Loss?


I have never heard of magnets losing there poles/polarities from magnets interacting with other magnets over time. I looked that up and I could not find anything that supported your question one way or the other.  Possibly you were asking, do magnets lose their strength when interacting with other magnets over a period of time?

The verdict is not in on this one. Some say yes, while others say no. It also depends of what kind of magnets you are using, as by no means are all magnets the same!

What I can tell you though is that all of my rare Earth magnets I have today are still incredibly strong. I put my magnets through very tough tests where like poles as well as opposite poles pass each other repeatedly within less than an inch of each other. Yet, all of my magnets work just fine.

However, one day I had a magnet the size of a postcard in my hand and I also had a refrigerator that was also 4"x6" in size that had a picture of a lake on it. Just for the fun of it, I allowed the two magnets to run across each other so I could feel the effects of the force. Little did I know at the time that when it came time to stick the picture magnet back onto the refrigerator that the picture magnet would no longer have the strength to stick to the steel.

The picture magnets was ceramic and the other was the worlds strangest magnet, and it simply killed the thin picture magnet.

Here are a some thing to remember:

(1) Banging, dropping, hitting, and hammering magnets makes them lose their strength.

(2) Heat makes magnets lose there strength.

(3) Radiation makes magnets lose there strength. 

(4) Strong electrical currents in close proximity to a magnet makes them lose there strength.

However shock and vibration do not affect modern magnet materials, unless sufficient to physically damage the magnet.

The best way to maintain the magnet strength is to put what is called, a 'keeper' on it. A keeper is a thick piece of steel plate and cut to the exact size of the the pole(s) of the magnet. When the magnet is not in use, the steel plate is stuck to each pole. In the event of a horseshoe magnet, one plate fits all the way across both poles.

If need be, just fine a big piece of steel, even a steel I-beam, and just let the magnets stick there until you need them again. Just remember not to let the magnet crash into each other as you do this. lol :~)

I hope I've answered your question.


James Roney
Founder / CEO
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